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Waxing Crescent Moon
Waxing Crescent Moon

The moon is currently in Aquarius
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Stories Written by Misfits

With a hand over her eyes to get a better view, she surveyed her home and yard. She had been working hard all day in her garden and yard, preparing for the guests she would receive later that evening. Basking in the warmth of the early Spring sun, she had grown weary and by late afternoon, decided to go in for a rest. The pollen filled air, the bursting energy of Gaia awakening made her feel lightheaded and drowsy. All around her there was a silent hum, the air buzzed with energy, the trees sang with new life and her entire body was drenched with sacred sweat of a good days work in her garden. With all the doors and windows in her small tucked away cottage open, allowing the four winds to wash away the stale energy of a long cold winter, she walked in and lay down on her bed to rest her eyes for a moment. Sleep quickly over took her and for a short while she was lost in the ethereal world of her dreams. When she finally awoke, she felt disoriented for a moment. The sun had gone down and in its place, a pale soft moon shadow fell across her floor.

The world had taken on a luminous glow. She sat up and looked around. At first she felt a small chill travel her spine when she realized she had slept with her house wide open to any wayward soul, friend or foe, that might pass by, but then felt safe again knowing the Great Mother protects those in slumber. Worried she had slept too long she jumped up and placed her feet directly in the moon fell. A child-like impulse filled her body and the urge to dance about over took her and a smile spread across her face. She scurried across the one-roomed house to the open front door as awe and wonder filled her heart at the beauty of the night.

Above her, the moon shone down in silvery misty blue threads, below her, the deep valley was filled with glowing lights of the fae folk as the fog from the river, mingled with the moonshine drifted up to greet her, and everywhere all around the harmony of shadow and light was greater in Her light than in the light of the sun. She stepped out on her porch and then into the yard, her bare feet meeting the cool earth with delight. A breeze drifted up her dress and the shifting material on her skin sent shivers of ecstasy across her body. She felt the energy of the moon, the stars and the earth fill her body with divine connection.

The Goddess was blessing her at that moment and confirming Her love and presence all around her. In rapture of Spirit she threw up her arms in praise to the Great Mother and drew down the moons power into her bosom. She closed her eyes and released a cry of gratitude in a tongue she didn’t know but somehow knew the meaning too. When she opened them, her body was enswirled in a luminous energy that was both her own and not. The cry she let out was met by the screech of a night owl, Hecate, and the howl of a lone wolf somewhere in the distant forests, Diana. The creatures of the night, she realized, was all around her and in that moment, she knew she was one of them. So with a song in her heart she turned and set about to welcome her evening guests. She went into her house, lit her candles and lamps and drew a bath. As she bathed she cleansed herself of any negative attachments, thoughts or worries of the day, in preparation for the coming ritual. When she was done, she put the finishing touches on the food she started earlier.

After all was done within, she went without to cleanse and prepare her circle of standing stones. She lit the wood in the fire pit, threw some cedar branches on the pile and the past years altar decorations, releasing the energy and sending an offering of wood incense to the Great Horned God, the God of the wild wood. After everything was prepared, she brought the food out to the tables. At that time she looked down across the valley and saw the first torch light of her guests arriving. In warm embraces she welcomed them all, her friends, her kith and her kin in spirit and in flesh. Everyone arrived on time and she greeted them all with a kiss. “ Ritual first, then we feast” she said to them with a glint of impishness in her eyes.

The moon rose higher in the sky and beckoned to them all, so to the stone circle she led them. The short path was canopied with branches and ancient vines with drops of moon dust dotting the floor of the forested path as a merry band of bare footed revelers made their way to the sacred space. There was lightness in the air and excitement in their hearts. Happy chatter filled the dark wood as they made their way up the hill to the ritual area. The destination and intent was well met with Divine energy and the night was well spent when they were done… The feast fed their hungry bellies and they all went home with love in their hearts…. And the moon waned and waxed all the while waiting for them to call once again.


Khnum’s Creation of People
(notes: every tradition has a horned god be it, Pan, Cernnunos, Herne , baphomet or whoever. well the Egyptians was Khnum.a potter god that was said to create all living things out of clay :). his wife is Heqet the frog headed deity often associated with child birth and midwifery (yes magic CAN be one of her area’s but shes most known for the child birth thing ) oddly enough i discovered that Khnum was one of her consorts. something i didnt know when i had decided to pair them together in the story :).

the word “Netjeru” as mentioned here, is the Egyptian word for gods (Netjer being god)
the end part was inspired by a part in the bible, where it said man was created in the image of god.
and Djheuty is the Egyptian god of wisdom otherwise known as Thoth 😛 he is a very clever god. he is often cited as helping in certain myths.)
ahem anyways on to the story =P.

Eons upon Eons ago, The earth was new.
Ever rotating, a brilliant , shining ball of light within the black velvety curtains of the universe.
During this time earth was home to many magnificent and beautiful plants and animals. It seemed perfect. But despite how alive and beautiful it was., it seemed to lack a certain something.

One warm sunny spring day, while sitting at his pottery wheel , the great god Khnum sat whistling and creating creatures out of clay. In one of those moments of deep thought he let his mind wander from the current task at hand. And in this moment something very surprising happened. The moistened river clay was pulled and rounded and took on a shape similar to that of a starfish. Only this was longer and didn’t really look at all like a star. Suddenly pulled from his thoughts he looked down ,stopped whistling and scratched the back of his head. Just slightly confused. “Why would I so absentmindedly create something like this?” he said aloud to himself as he gently plucked the clay creation from his work space and examined it.

Khnum turned it this way and that paying close attention , all the while his thoughts ran through his head. Finally with a shrug he ever so nonchalantly just tossed the small thing into a heap of discarded ,broken clay pieces and rags. Just then as it landed with a soft thud , something very unexpected happened.

“Hey!” it cried out. This was so startling to him , and he spun around to see what it was.
Normally one of his creations would need to receive the breath of life in order to make any noises.

“This must be one of Djheuty’s tricks” he thought, after all Djheuty was very clever and very wise. And if anything needed to be done or fixed more often than not he used his magicians skills to get the job done. But what if it wasn’t his doing? Could he just leave the poor thing there all alone?

The Great horned god then stood from his wheel and whipped his hands on a cloth that hung from his belt . he walked to the corner ,knelt , picked up the clay being and held it gently in both hands.

“What are you?” he asked in a soft, kind voice, a slight smile on his face.
” Please don’t throw me away” the creation said, its raspy voice , hushed and meek.
This response seemed to take the god aback quiet a bit. ” what is it that you want?” he asked it, further curious as to what its reply might be.

” I want to run through the forests and plains. To swim in the oceans, and feel the wind around me. To feel the sun beat down upon me. I Wish to wade through the Nile and feel the mud from which this body was created, squish through my fingers and toes. I want to sing, laugh, love and look upon the faces of the gods” Khnum was stunned by this response. Simply stunned. If ever there were a moment that a god was speechless. Now was that moment.

What could he possibly say after having heard something so moving? He looked for a very long moment at the clay being, thinking of what he should do and then it came to him!. With a snap of his fingers he grabbed the clay creature and ran off to see his beloved consort, the goddess Heqet.

Now Heqet was a beautiful, loving , yet stern goddess. She had light colored skin with a very pale green tint to it , long midnight black hair that went down to the middle of her back and she had very kind dark eyes.

When Khnum found her she was sitting by a small lake filled with colorful water lilies and many lily pads. Scattered about her were many tiny frogs, every one of them a different color. From browns and dark greens of normal toads. To the very colorful and dangerous types.

As he approached his beloved Heqet, she turned and smiled sweetly up at him and he presented her with the small , odd creation and began to tell her of what had happened and how. When he was finished with his tale he simply asked her opinion on what he should do. She was quiet and thoughtful for a long moment as she ran her hand over the smooth surface of the oddity , finally a smile stretched widely across her face. Scrambling to her feet she grabbed a large clay water jug that was often left at the lakes edge and plunged it deep into the waters till the jug was filled to the brim . Lifting it to her chest, she cradled it gently in her arms. The smile brightened and extended to her eyes. “dearest husband” she said sweetly. “I have just the idea , let us return to your workshop, for we have wondrous work to do”

Back at the workspace , Khnum took his seat and placed the creation back onto the wheel. Heqet meandered up next to the pottery wheel and sat the jug of water next to it and began to look at past clay sculptures “dear? Do you by chance remember the basics of how you made me and the other Netjeru?” she asked him . To which he simply nodded and reached for his sculpting tools. As he began to pump the wheel with his foot and the clay slowly started to spin , Heqet dipped her long elegant hands into the jug of water and started to moisten the clay with slick, wet hands. A small contented sigh seemed to escape from the clay as the pair worked long into the night.

By morning, Heqet was fast asleep in the corner of her husbands work shop. And Khnum was putting two new statues into the kiln to be fired. One of a female and one of a male. And these were to be the first humans, molded after the image of the gods themselves.

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