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Waxing Crescent Moon
Waxing Crescent Moon

The moon is currently in Aquarius
The moon is 2 days old




Poetry written by Misfits


M- Misunderstood                 W- Wise
I-  Intelligent                           I- Inspiring
S- Spiritual                              T- True
F- Faithful                               C- Clever
I- Intuitive                               H- Hell Raiser
T- Thoughtful                          E- Eccentric
///////                                     S- Steadfast


Misfit Witches are We
We shout loudly our Decree

Fiercely Loyal, Might & True
Everyone Knows we’re a Rowdy Crew

Loud, Outspoken, Witty & Fun
One thing’s for sure Misfit’s wont be outdone

With My Head held High,
I have to admit,
I’m Damn Proud to be  a Misfit



We are Young,
We are Old
We have Money,
We Struggle Financially
We are of every Tongue, Tribe, and Nation
Yet we are rejected by Our Families By our Religious Denominations
By Society for Our Beliefs
Here we Stand We listen to the Voice of Spirit
We work to heal our Great Mother, Earth.
We strive to make a change To enlighten the masses
To replace Ignorance with Truth
We are the Misfit’s Come One, Come All
You are Welcome Here
Together we can make a Difference
Together We Stand


Bella Aradia, as I sit to gather the words to say
I think about the the impact you have made
the things you taught so long ago
a guide if you will for us to follow
You fair maiden lit the way
bringing the path of Old to modern day
You taught us of our Mothers ways
to kindle the sacred fires & honor the days
You taught us of beauty & love
to live in harmony with all within nature
and Honor our Mother’s symbol above
Thank you Beautiful teacher from the past
I will honor you on this your day until my last.
Underneath the Full Moon Light
She sings to me of Ancient Times
of Secret Rites & Sacred places
Long ago people with familiar faces
For a moment I’m there
As the smoke from my incense fills the air
Standing within Diana’s Embrace
Gathering with  the Clans of Old
at this Sacred Time & most Sacred Place
I’ve been here before, gathered with my Kin
Felt the Wind in my hair &
the moister on my skin
Watching now the Full Moon set
upon this Sacred Lake the Moon now rest
I feel the light of the Moon touch my face
I’m standing within Diana’s Embrace
I’ve stood here before & will stand there again
Gathering there  with my Ancient Kin
To Honor our Mother & light the path
for the next generation will stand
as we on these same shores
of the Sacred Lake Nemi


Maiden of the Starry Skies
Mother of the Fruitful Earth
Crone of the Ancient Wisdom
Guide My Path, Nurture My Soul
Enlighten My Spirit Make me Whole


Befana, Befana don’t forget me
Befana, Befana come down my chimney
Befana, Befana I’ve been good all year
Befana, Befana don’t forget to stop here


Bella Tana, Queen of Heaven
She who is draped in a star encrusted gown of night
with the ever changing Moon as her Crowning jewel
Beautiful Enchantress of the night, Reveler all mysteries,
She who gives light to the darkness
I bow in  Love & Adoration
before your symbol, placed amongst the Stars
Bella Tana, Goddess of the GreenWood
Upon Her velvety gown of Green & Blue
She sustains All Life
She who is the fertility in all things & the very Soul of Nature
Earth Mother, Life Force within us all
I bow in Love & Adoration
upon your sacred ground
Bella Tana, Queen of all witches
She who calls Her Hidden Children, to gather in her name
To teach us the ways of Nature, and Spirit
Bella Tana, Universal Goddess
She who is all Goddesses
I bow in Love & Adoration
on this day & all days
Forte Tanus, Lord of the Heavens
He who is clothed in the Golden Rays of the Sun,
and bearing a golden rod of Truth
Oh Lord of Light, He who can give Life or Death
He who restores and renews the soul
I bow in  Love & Adoration
before your symbol, placed in the Heavens
Forte Tanus, Great Horned God of the Forest
He who’s His Strength, Power &  Justice
Is tempered by His gentleness, compassion & Love of the Goddess
Great Warrior, God of Nature, great Stag King
I bow in Love & Adoration
upon your sacred ground
Forte Tanus, Lord of the Afterworld
In death, He is the comforter, and the renewer
He who Illuminates the darkness, and reveals all that is hidden
He who is the Great Initiator, and Teacher
Forte Tanus, Universal God
He who is all Gods
I bow in Love & Adoration
on this day & all days


The Great God Pan proudly Dances upon the Earth
Playing his joyous Song of mirth
The Fauns began the gather
The Nymphs began to swoon
As Pan plays his lustful little tune
The God who comes & He of the trees
Carry me along on your orgiastic frenzy
Twice Born Lord of the Vine
Free my Spirit & unleash my mind
Beautiful God of Revelry, Ecstasy & Excess
Bring end to cares & worry & daily Bless

Dark Mother
are you there
I need your light
it is so dark I cant see
I need to know which way to go
So Mother guide my way in this time of need

My child
I am right here, where I have always been
you come to me and hold my hand
I will not let anything harm you
for My torch will light your way
when we reach the crossroads,
look all three ways
for knowledge is the key that I give you
So child chose wisely for this is your fate
Always remember
I am the Mother of the Dark, Mother of Night
But when you call upon me
I am your Light
When you need me just call
Hecate’ Dark Mother of us all
Crossroads of Fate
In times of need, time times of despair
during the dark of the moon,
Her faithful followers gather there
where three roads meet
this ancient Queen you will find
who may bestow upon you her gifts of divine
it feels like you’ve traveled in darkness & dismay
but be sure of this my child, it was She who guided your way
for this Goddess of darkness, Goddess of night
shines brighter than any mere light
for her key of knowledge sparks the flame of her torch
lighting well the choices you may take
take not these choices lightly for they be your fate


2 Responses to Poetry

  • Hecate' Owl says:

    She awaits us at birth watching us as we grow , as we develop.
    She oversees us as we take our first steps , as we learn to speak
    She goes with us as we enter School alone with strange people and strange surroundings
    She’s there when we fall and scrape our knees , although we can’t see her she touches us and calms our tears.
    Climbing the rope to the ceiling in Gym , She’s there lending support to face your fear
    Your First Love , Broken Heart , First Prom She’s There
    College , Serious Relationship , Meeting the Family”s She’s There
    Wedding Bells , Moving Away , Talking about Children , She’s There
    New Born’s , Sleepless Nights , Advice ! Advice! Advice! She’s There
    Years Pass , Children , Grand Children She’s There
    Time is Drawing Short , So Many Loved One’s Gone Still She’s There
    Your Time now over You close your Eyes ……… And She is There
    The Goddess who walked with You , Who Guided You at the Cross Roads of your Life
    Now Takes Your Hand and Leads You to the SummerLand to once Again Rest and Be with Those You Love.
    The Goddess takes Many Names and Many Forms but to Me , MySelf She is Hecate’
    And I am Filled with Peace Because I KNOW She Await’s Me at My Life’s End

  • Hecate' Owl says:

    Shadow Fest
    Shadow Fest is coming
    Shadow Fest draws near
    We have been waiting patiently
    for Shadow Fest all year.

    Dancing round the Walnut Tree
    Drinking Strega Liquore
    Partying with our Beloved Dead
    Who could ask for more?

    Happy Shadow Fest Everybody!

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