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Waxing Crescent Moon

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Misfit faq

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Misfit Sanctuary a Coven?
No, we are a legally incorporated non-profit Sanctuary. We retain the same rights & privileges as any Church within NC. Our Rituals and Gatherings are always open to all those of like mind. People are always welcome to come and observe as well. Over the years we’ve been interviewed & audited by several college students, as well as those wishing to know more about Paganism.

What should I wear to Ritual?
Whatever you are most comfortable in. Some may be in Ritual dress, others will not, it’s just a matter of personal taste. Make sure to dress for the weather conditions as our Rituals are usually outside.

What if anything should I bring to Ritual?
Bring a Chalice if you like, or a paper cup will be provided for libations. A camping chair is a good idea as well, we do have some setting, but at times we do run out. We always celebrate with  a feast on our Holy Days, please bring a side-dish or dessert to share. Beverage of your choice is usually a good idea, too. Paper plates, plastic cutlery, cups, drinks, ice & fire wood are always needed items. Whatever you feel lead to bring will be greatly appreciated.

Can I bring my children?
Absolutely, children are always welcome to come & participate if they so choose. Sometimes however our Rituals may run long, so you may wish to bring a chair & something that may hold their attention.

What can I expect to happen during Ritual?
We are lead by Spirit as Spirit moves. None of our Rituals are ever the same. We pull from several Traditions & everyone is encouraged call on their own patron Deities, share of their Tradition, as well as whatever they feel lead to share. Come expecting……

How can I become a member?
It is not necessary to be a member to attend any Misfit Sanctuary function, as we are an Open Circle. However it you feel Spirit lead to be a member of the Sanctuary, you must have attended at least 6 Misfit Sanctuary Holy Days. Applicant shall make public confession of their acceptance of the constitution, by-laws, and the Tenets of Misfit Sanctuary. A written Members Application must be placed with the Chancellor or Secretary consisting of legal name and contact information. After which you are required to attend 2 Adopt a Highway/Business Meetings, as well as participate in at least 1 Misfit Project.
To be an Official Misfit, an applicant must have attended at least 6 Misfit Sanctuary Holy Days, 2 Adopt a Highway/Business Meetings, as well as participate in at least 1 Misfit Project, which can include Community Service/Outreach Projects within the span of 13 months.

Does Misfit Sanctuary accept love offerings & donations?
Misfit Sanctuary is of the firm belief that Spirit is Free, and as such we do not charge any sort of dues or membership fees. Love offerings, monetary donations, as well as donations of time, goods & services are always welcome and very much appreciated.

Misfit Sanctuary’s Gathering & Event Guidelines


  • We are not a Coven, but an Open Circle. All those of like minds are more than Welcome to attend any of the Sanctuary’s Events.
  •  Respect of  Deity, Members & others Religious Traditions are a must!!! As we are a very Diverse group, that draws from many Traditions.
  •  Our Rituals are Spirit lead. Please share whatever Spirit lays on your heart to share. We are of the firm belief that someone in attendance needs to    hear that message.
  •  We are of a universal mind set that we learn from each other, Please feel free to share of your Tradition with the group.
  • We have two Ritual Spaces our Main Circle and our Winter/Fire Circle. From Shadowfest to Spring Equinox, our Rituals are hold around the Winter/Fire Circle. During Spring Equinox we head back to our Main Circle.
  •  Moderate consumption of alcohol is permitted by those legally of age, however we do asked that you are not intoxicated during Ritual, as this may be offensive to others.
  •  Belligerent behavior will not be tolerated!!! Those who behave in less than a peaceful matter will be escorted off the property.
  •  Please be mindful of your language & subject matter while in the presence of children.
  •  There is a considerable amount of clean up after Ritual & Feast, it’s very important that everyone clean up after themselves. This includes being responsible for your dishes and or any other items brought to the Sanctuary. Trash & Recycle receptacles are located in the feasting area.

  • It is imperative that we remember that Misfit Sanctuary is ALL of Our Sanctuary, we help one another, we step up to help complete tasks for the betterment of the Sanctuary. And we always remember that We are Strong because we Stand Together!!!

  •  Misfit Sanctuary’s Gatherings are usually held out-doors, please dress  appropriately for the weather.
  •  Most Importantly…. Misfit Sanctuary is a Safe Haven for all those Misfit Witches. Love & Laughter are never in short supply. We Support & Honor each other as well as Deity.  We are dedicated to our children and the Continuation of the Old Ways. Come prepared to welcomed with open arms & to leave as one of the family.

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