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Waxing Crescent Moon
Waxing Crescent Moon

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Misfit Sanctuary

Misfit Spring Equinox Altar

Misfit Spring Equinox Altar

Several years ago the Goddess laid it upon my heart & gave me the charge of having an open circle. Opening our arms in love & friendship to those whom She has sent our way. At times it was a mighty few standing within our Sacred Circle & at other times, I still don’t know how everyone fit. From the very beginning, our mission has always been about following Spirit, Honoring Deity as well as our own individual paths & keeping the Old Ways alive. Not about numbers, denominations or degrees. Being as such Our Lovely Goddess chose to Bless us with a wonderful family filled with Spirit as well as Diversity. Those which She chose to send our way has fit like pieces to a puzzle. Each bringing & sharing our own understandings. We truly became Misfit Witches. While growing stronger in our faith, our devotion to one another grew as well. A trend started to develop, each time new folks would attend a gathering, the previous “new folks” would go out of their way to make them feel at home, explaining a little bit about how we do things which is usually followed by telling about their first Misfit gathering. Now this has not been prompted by anyone. They were just following suit & sharing the same blessing that was shared with them. When those “new folks” left their first Misfit gathering they left feeling like members of the family. A crazy, loud & outspoken family….. but a family none the less. I’m truly humbled to stand within Our Sacred Circle surround by such Love &  Loyalty. That much love & that level of Spirit flowing freely from each person gathered is a Great Blessing, not afforded by many. Together we have created a true safe haven, Misfit Sanctuary, a home where love & laughter are never in short supply, a place were we can all just be ourselves. Thank you all for being that piece that completes our Misfit Puzzle.

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