Current Moon Phase

Waxing Crescent Moon
Waxing Crescent Moon

The moon is currently in Aquarius
The moon is 2 days old


Moon Magick

Moon Phases


The Moon has 4 different phases called quarters, first, second, third & fourth. The first quarter (New Moon) begins the cycle, during which the moon can’t be seen for 3 days. The Moon rises & sets with the Sun and therefor is obscured. By the end of the first quarter, the Moon appears as a slender crescent just after sunset. There are 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 3 seconds between one New Moon and the next. The Second Quarter (Waxing Moon) marks the time between New Moon and the Full Moon.
During the Waxing period the crescent gradually grows into a sphere. The Full Moon marks the beginning of the third quarter. The Moon rises just as the Sun sets, and then sets as the Sun rises in the morning. The fourth quarter (Waning Moon) marks the period halfway between the Full Moon and the New Moon. The Dark moon occurs four days before the New Moon. Void of Course means the Moon is in between signs.

  • The New Moon always rises at Sunrise
  • The Waxing Moon at Noon
  • The Full Moon always rises at Sunset
  • The Waning Moon at Midnight

New Moon– Beginnings, Increase, New Projects, Personal Growth Oriented Consecrations
Waxing Moon– Empowering New Projects, Healing. Growth, Blessings, Prosperity
Full Moon– Strongest Time of Power, Any Magical Working, Divination, Protection, Prosperity
Waning Moon– Decrease, Banishing, Completion
Dark Moon– Ending Circumstances, Secrets, Rest, Meditation, Astrology, Contacting Spirit Guides
Void of Course– No Magical Workings
Eclipse– Usually no Magical Workings

Moon Signs

Moon In Libra:
Initiate Love Magick for a True Love, a soulmate, or just for some friendship. A most harmonious time phase. Great for Socializing and meeting people. To redecorate the house, or change your appearance beauty knows no bounds During this Lunar Shine. If there are squabbles and disputes to be settled, then its a good time for situations where
Compromise, Diplomacy and a sense of fairplay can be invoked. Spells involving justice, meetings, balance, harmony, & healing spells of the Base Chakra and the kidneys.

Moon In Scorpio:
The effects of this powerful moon phase are very strong. Scorpio is a regenerative sign, meaning that things must die to be born. Be sure your Magickal requests can handle a Phoenix phase before you begin. Excellent time to lay back and plan Magickal operations for this is a good Occult Moon. Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius shouldn’t do
Magick at this time. Spells involving strength, power, sexuality ,& healing spells of Navel Chakra

Moon In Sagittarius:
Good will abounds here and if you’ve been asking for a miracle start now. It’s likely you’ll get it. This is a good Moon Phase for Legal Matters as shown in the ” win at court  seal”. People who work on tipsshould always have a Jupiter Candle burning on these moon phases. If philosophy is your bag, light a Wisdom Candle and travel the Spheres.
Ancient Knowledge is an open door during this Lunar Phase. Jovial good times are in for Gamblers watch it though, you could lose a lot too. Spells involving travel, truths, finding lost items, & healing spells of the liver and thighs.

Moon In Capricorn:
When you have a project that requires no nonsense and a lot of hardwork, tedious labor, and difficult business situations, this is the time. All situations that call for self
discipline and ambitious effort. Spells involving organization, personal gains, recognition,career,  & healing spells of the Base Chakra, bones, teeth, skin. Spells involving organization, personal gains, recognition, career, & healing spells of the Base
Chakra, bones, teeth, skin.

Moon In Aquarius:
Looking to start a revolution in your office, job or school? Also good for Humanitarian Endeavors, Group Projects, and Bonding Friendships. All Magick will be of a progressive nature. Inventions, Electronics, and Higher Knowledge of an Intuitive Nature. Sudden brilliant insight so its good when you are blocked to invoke now. Another Party Moon; just open the door and invite all the neighborhood Eccentrics.! Spells involving binding spells, freedoms, friendship, breaking bad habits or addictions, & healing spells of the Base Chakra, and blood. Moon In Pisces: The Psychic Phase of the Moon brings internal insight through Mediumistic Thought Processes. Good for developing all phases of Psychic Development, Dreams ESP, etc. Good if you are doing Magick for Divination, Crystal-mancy, Tarot Card, Pendulum, Psychic Healing, and all forms of Psychic Work. Spells involving music, art, telepathy, dreams, communications of all kinds, & healing spells of theBase Chakra and lymph glands.

Full Moon Esbat Info

January- Wolf Moon also called: Cold Moon, Quiet Moon, Snow Moon & Moon of Little Winter
The Wolf Moon is a excellent time to work of relationships, partnerships, and matters of the heart, new ventures or that which requires courage. As well as sorting through family issues and “rebonding” with your family

February- Ice Moon also called: Storm Moon, Horning Moon , Quickening Moon & Big Winter Moon
The Ice Moon is a good time for divination, meditation, and inner journey work. As well as psychism,& prophetic dreaming. It’s also very useful in works that require long-lasting effects

March- Seed Moon also called: Storm Moon, Plow Moon, Sap Moon & Moon of Winds
The Seed Moon is the time of Magical gardening, seed blessing, garden & tool consecrations. Excellent time to work on personal growth, creativity & inspiration.

April- Growing Moon also called: Hare Moon, Planting Moon, Pink Moon & Green Grass Moon
Growing Moon is a good time for efforts that involve increased physical health, productivity, renewed energy, and removal of obstacles. It’s a perfect time for working with fairies and continuing magical gardening, consecrating plants & seedlings.

May- Dyad Moon also called: Bright Moon, Flower Moon, Hare Moon & Moon when the Phonies Shed
On a more mundane level, the energies of this moon provides a good time to finish projects. Our productivity levels run high, and our goals – even the difficult ones – are suddenly within our grasp. & because the Lord and Lady also touch our hearts in Their dancing, love and romance also comes into play. This is undoubtedly one of the most powerful Moons of the year for witches. It is the time when even them impossible is possible.

June- Mead Moon also called: Lover’s Moon, Honey Moon, Strawberry Moon & Moon on Making Fat
The Mead Moon brings a time of metamorphosis. A time to reinvent our lives, to change our personal realities and become what we were meant to be. Also a great time for works of prosperity, inspiration & creativity. Things come to fruition quickly now.

July- Hay Moon also called: Wort Moon, Blessing Moon, Buck Moon & Thunder Moon
This moon also heralds the time for us to begin our spiritual harvests. Because of this, magickal efforts seem to come into fruition more easily. Personal psychic abilities are more potent, & divination readings become more clear. Dreams are filled with prophesy and vision.

August- Corn Moon also called: Barley Moon, Disput Moon, Harvest Moon & Moon when Cherries turn Black
Efforts involving new partnerships or relationships, legal matters (wills, legacies, inheritances), come to fruition easily now.

September- Harvest Moon also called: Wine Moon, Singing Moon, Sturgeon Moon & Moon when Deer paw the Earth
The Harvest Moon provides a good time to be quiet, still the body, and let the spirit take over. For this reason efforts involving mediation, divination, scrying, psychic development & astral travel. Also projects that involve guidance, answers & solutions. Pay attention to the wisdom that lives within you. Nurture it. Fertilize it. Cultivate and harvest it. Then follow wherever it leads you.

October- Blood Moon also called: Harvest Moon, Shedding Moon & Moon of the Changing Seasons
The Blood Moon honors the cycles of life, death & rebirth, nearly any magical efforts work well now. Breaking bad habits, separations, decrease & removal of disease. Closing of chapters to bring about new beginnings

November- Snow Moon also called: Dark Moon, Fog Moon, Mourning Moon & Moon when Deer shed Antlers
We finish projects and tie up loose ends. We relax and regroup. We contemplate the goodness of the Earth and the fertile abundance She shares with us. We count our blessings. They are many and we are thankful. The Snow Moon is a great time for dream work, as well as meditation, divination& projects that require endings.

December- Cold Moon also called: Oak Moon, Long Night’s Moon, Big Winter Moon & Moon of Popping Trees
Cold Moon has the perfect energy for candle magic that involves strength, self-confidence, balance between the worlds, prosperity, release & beginnings.

Blue Moon also called: Moon of the Dead, Ancestor Moon & Hunter’s Moon
A Blue Moon occurs when there are two Full Moons in any given calendar month.
During the fullness of this moon, it’s important to kick back and relax, and take some time for ourselves. This doesn’t just mean physical time, however. We need spiritual time, too. Take time to make that inner journey and find out who we are and where
we’re going. Our growing season will come soon enough. And when it does, we need to be ready. The phrase “Once in a Blue Moon” doesn’t mean never, it just means its rare. Take that once in a blue moon opportunity to catch up on much needed rest, or finish that project that hasn’t gotten done. Also, any magick done at this time will pack some extra “oomph” so take advantage of this time to do some magickal work.

Black Moon
A Black Moon occurs when there are two dark cycles of the moon in any given calendar month. It is believed that the second dark moon is a time of great power within the spiritual world and any magic worked during this time is especially powerful. Please note that this in no way refers to black or negative magic – This is a time of ultimate creativity

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