Current Moon Phase

Waxing Crescent Moon
Waxing Crescent Moon

The moon is currently in Aquarius
The moon is 2 days old


Misfit Merchants

Misfit Merchants

Doug Hoffman is a Clairvoyant, Tarotologist, Poet, and Metaphysical Teacher, who has helped people find clarity and guidance through a variety of modalities for over 30 years His Mother and Grandmother, both being mystics and professional psychic readers, started teaching Doug symbolism and the Tarot at a very early age. Over the years, Doug worked with many different teachers learning Celtic mythology, herbal healing, spiritualism and many different types of divination. Doug has lived in many places and has had his hands in the pagan pie in whatever community he has called home. His readings are as unique as each individual and focusing on problem solving and detail. 704-297-8356

Free Range Fingers
Dee Counter-Griffis is a busy wife, mom of four children and assorted animals. She is a graphic designer, working with both print and web elements, freelancing for local businesses and individuals. You may find her online portfolio of professional work at
Dee also is a fiber artist, specializing in crochet work, including handwarmers, hats, scarves, pocket poppets bags and other items made from recycled materials and mobiles. She has an Etsy account at or you can see her work on facebook at She accepts paypal payments, checks or cash.
Dee will take commissions for her work from facebook, etsy or email. She can be reached at

Mystic Feline
Amber is a Crafter specializing in religious gemstone Jewelry (and prayer beads),ritually pure altar candles,familiar protection charms, and herbal smudges. Though one can never be too sure of what will pop up in “The Mystic Feline”Each item is hand crafted and made with a lot of love and care.

Raven’s Willow Enchantments wares are Unique & One Of A Kind, lovingly Hand-crafted with Proper Intent. We truly love creating Altar tools of various Traditions. We specialize in the Tools of the Strega. Our Products range from Wands, Handcrafted Incense, Leather Mask, Runes, Fairies, Deities, Wall hangings, plus much, much more. Custom Orders are Welcome. contact Willow @ or call 704 931-4183

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