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Waxing Crescent Moon

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Founding Misfits

August 12th 2010
Misfit Sanctuary was Founded in Love for the Gods & Goddesses, the Continuation of the
Old Ways & sheer determination to follow the Words of the Goddess.

The Divine Blessed us with such a Wonderfully Diverse Bunch of Crazy People that quickly
grew into a Family that never stops growing. One of our goals was always been to be a
Safe Haven, where people could feel comfortable enough to drop down their walls &
truly be themselves. Spiritually this has worked very well for us 🙂 it’s allowed us to learn,
share & grow. But on the other side of that………. my goodness ….. it opened up something else 🙂
They will make ya Laugh until ya cant breath, Smile until your face hurts & Love until your
heart could burst. Just by being Themselves!!!!! They tireless give of their time & energies,
while supporting one another through the Ebb & Flow of life. Their Love for the Divine,
as well as their Beloved Misfits has Created a beautiful thing…….
Misfit Sanctuary, a place unlike any other

Below you meet our Founders, followed by Founding Members.
Without whom, none of this would be possible.
Thank you all for all of the love & Spirit shared, for all of the fun & laughter &
those stories we cant share with others, because they “happened around the Fire pit”
I’m honored to call myself a Misfit, because I’m surrounded by true Blessings of the Divine 🙂

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 Founders of Misfit Sanctuary

Bea AloeBea Aloe Mellon lives with her parents on a small farm with
goats, chickens, Dixie, and lots of other critters. She raises
dibbies and hissing cockroaches, counts eggs, and feeds
chickens. Aloe likes to help people and laughs a lot. She also
likes to dance,play the piano and drums, and to explore the
properties of crystals and magnetic hematite. She volunteers
at Solid Rock Community Garden where she weeds, waters,
and smells flowers. Aloe is a member of Misfit Sanctuary and
had her Paganing June 6th 2010. She also worships with
Panoleptos and NCPCOW. Her symbol is the bee because Pan,
the patron of her parents, visited her mother in a dream
during pregnancy and discussed bees, aloes, babies, and
names. Bea Aloe likes Hanuman and the Rebel Monkeys.



Crystal McGinnis better known as WillowPPD
is a Founder & High Priestess of Misfit Sanctuary.
A Panelissa of Panoleptos. She has been a dedicated
Volunteer for Piedmont Pagan Pride for the past 6yrs
She regularly attends Pagan Unity Festivals & various other
Pagan Festivals across both Carolinas as well as Tenn.
Early along Willow’s journey she was exposed to the
Teachings of Aradia, The Holy Strega. Aradia’s words
spoke to her soul, igniting a passion & a thirst for
Knowledge. It is a Stregherian belief, that as long as one
Strega kindles the Sacred Fires, that the Wheel of the Year
continues to turn. Lady Willow was lead by the Goddess to
host Open Rituals for those of all Traditions, this was the
first breath of life of Misfit Witches, which has blossomed
into Misfit Sanctuary, Willow is dedicate to the
Continuation of the Old Ways & Creating a Safe Haven
for that Merry Band of Misfit Witches. She can be contacted @


PuckMy name is David, aka Puck. I’m in my 12th year of being 27. I am originally from Blacksburg SC but now live in Kings Mt NC. I have been on the spiritual path all my life it seems in some form or fashion and I guess you would say I am an eclectic Pagan with very strong Celtic leanings with a good chunk Native American thrown in for good measure. I believe blood is a very powerful element and whom you share your bloodline with can empower you greatly and I share bloodlines with those two predominantly..but blood isnt everything! Although I’ve read about alot of deities, I resonate mainly with Cernunous/Pan and Cerridwen/Hekate as Patron deities…but then…I don’t like to name the Divine as it tends to limit it. God and Goddess would pretty much suffice it for me or the All or the Force (sorry Star Wars, that term was around long before you were!)…so I suppose if deity was a relationship category on would say..”Its complicated.” Hee hee :)I am a certified Tree Hugger and proud of it! I am first and foremost a spiritual being who lives in an amazing Universe that I talk to daily! Second I am an Earthling as I live on the Earth in this incarnation..Spirit wise I don’t think I am from here originally…and get told that quite often LOL! Anything after that isn’t as important. If I had a motto to live by it would be.. “If you are not here to do good, then what are you here for???” Only you can answer that! I try to live my life as softly as I can upon this planet as I love Her greatly because She is beautiful and my one main wish has always been that all fellow Earthlings would feel the same. I try to love my fellow man as much as I can, when I can…but sometimes..its hard…but I try.. 🙂 I guess I’m getting ornery in my old age.I have been apart of Misfits since its inception and with the group for about 5 years before that! We are all works in progress and I love my spiritual family like my own family. We stumble and fall, we make mistakes, and at times piss each other off but we all have come to love one another and depend on each other and because of that I believe we are the bestest big group of dysfunctional codependent spiritual beings there is! Hee hee


DrewDrew Mellon
is an avid outdoors man
who finds his spirituality in nature.
He is a Priest of Pan. In addition to worshiping with Misfit Sanctuary, he also worships with Panoleptos and NCPCOW.
Drew enjoys going on herping expeditions,
helping Carolina Box Turtles across the highway, trapping, hunting, and fishing. He is also the author of the “Mouth Full of Sardines” blog. Drew is married to his lovely wife Sarah, and the couple has two daughters, Aloe & Echo.


Glenn McGinnis, better known as Raven
Vice Chancellor & High Priest, as well as Founder
of Misfit Sanctuary. He is also a Co-Founder and
Priest of Panoleptos.
Raven has devoted the last 18 years of his life
in the service of the God and Goddess.
Along with his wife Willow, he had a
long standing dream of starting a Sanctuary
for All Traditions. Within time, the Goddess began
to send people of Spirit, and together with the
Misfits made that dream came true.
Raven is driven to help Build & Strengthen
the bonds within the Piedmont Pagan Community,
in an effort to keep the Old Ways burning bright.
Pan’s The Man!!!




currently resides in Asheville
with her beautiful wife Patty
and their much loved &
precious dog Rusty.
She is a co-owner of
Love You a Brunch
Mobile Café & Bakery.
Needless to say
she has been an Eclectic
Kitchen Witch for many years.
She finds her Spirituality
within Nature
and is on a quest of the
evolution of her soul.


jonathanJonathan Jordan, also known as Hecate’ Owl.  I have walked many paths searching for Spiritual Enlightenment. I studied the Bible and the different paths to Christianity, at one point I even studied to be a preacher. Even though I tried very hard, I never found a place to fit in. Then by ordained steps 1999, I met Raven & Willow. Together we were Blessed to meet Ted Morris, who first touched our hearts & souls with the Charge of Aradia, and later touched our minds with the Teachings of the Old Ways. Based upon those teachings Raven, Willow & myself formed Aradia’s MoonShadow. As time often does, things changed and we became Misfit Witches and as the Goddess saw fit, She added to our number and we became not a group but a family, thus becoming Misfit Sanctuary. We have endured the storms of life and have remained firm. Currently I can honestly say I am happy and at peace with myself. I’m divorced and have two sons Nathan and Ryan.
I am Proud to say I’m at home and I’m a Misfit.


SarahSarah Mellon
is a country witch who lives in Upper Cleveland County
on a small hobby farm with her husband, Drew,
and daughters, Aloe and Echo. She dedicated herself to the Goddess when she was 13 and was an active member of a Presbyterian church for many years.Sarah is a priestess of Misfit Sanctuary. She also worships with and is high priestess of NCPCOW and a Panelissa of Panoleptos, and she is a flame sister with The Forge and Well group.She believes in the importance of family and being active in the community–both secular and religious.
She enjoys spending time with her family and animals,
keeping bees, working with textiles, ballads, nature, and keeping the old ways. You can email Sarah at and follow the farm at



My name is Teresa,
and I have always been on a Spiritual
journey that is ever evolving. I believe in the duality of
Spirit, such as is expressed in Nature. I would consider
myself a very eclectic Pagan. My journey seems to always
lead me to Yemaya, Yoruban Goddess of the Ocean, and
Ganesha a Hindu God. At the same time, exploring
alternate realms of consciousness.

I am very blessed to have found what feeds my soul,
helping and comforting others as I complete my journey
to becoming a nurse.

I live in Charlotte, NC with my amazing and beautiful
family, my gf Amanda and our daughter Jordyn.
I am grateful for my Misfit family, as well as my blood family for always being there.


 Misfit Sanctuary’s Original Members




Born in Kings Mtn NC,
Malachi McFarland
was called to the Old Ways at age 11.
Possessing a thirst for knowledge,
he studied many Spiritual Paths to gain
a deeper understanding of the web
that connects all things.
A Self-Described
All Denominational Metaphysician,
he is experienced in the Art of Divination,
Spellcrafting and Energy Working.
Always ready with a smile,
a kind word
and a joke or three,
Malachi longs to help his
fellow humans
in any way that he is able.